Our Purpose


Why We Are Here

Adaptive and responsive skills are needed for dynamic and task-specific Naval occupations. These occupations require unique people. The Navy - particularly Naval Special Warfare or Naval Special Operation components - deploys a full range of vigorous options globally that depend upon small footprints and low profiles.

These occupations are staffed by “Operators” and these silent professionals remain relevant in a broad range of maritime and land-based environments.

Right now, 24/7/365 across many difficult operational landscapes, a single-minded, robust, capable operator is affecting the U.S. Navy mission somewhere in the global domain.


Operators are needed to fight terrorism, respond to emergent natural disasters, and contribute to global stability. These are only a few of the operational demands imposed by the communities of:

  • Navy Sea, Air, and Land (SEAL)

  • Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman (SWCC)

  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

  • Navy Diver

  • Aviation Rescue Swimmer (ARS)



Commit to Mission Success

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In an ever changing and complex world, the U.S. Navy deploys men and women in high-risk jobs to achieve a strategic effect and defend our national interests. These individuals are committed to mission success where agility, tenacity, and hard work is the minimum standard.

The Warrior Challenge Mentor Program is part of a large Navy recruiting effort to identify and develop these unique people that are in high demand, to serve as technical specialists and dependable teammates.

We are here to link people from diverse backgrounds to be part of our U.S. Navy Warrior Challenge communities, whether their interests are for the Navy Sea, Air, and Land (SEAL), Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman (SWCC), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Navy Diver and Aviation Rescue Swimmer (ARS) communities.



Become the Right Fit


The strength of Naval communities like SEAL, SWCC, EOD, Navy Diver, ARS is in its people. That strength is the foundation of the Naval Recruiting Command Warrior Challenge Program recruiting effort.

Who are we looking for? People who participate in demanding sports like swimming, lacrosse, wrestling, long distance running, and martial arts. These types of activities capitalize on sustaining fitness and require the development of mental habits that prepare people with traits that contribute to success.

That in itself is not a requirement, but we need people that gravitate towards and engage in a long term, active, and healthy lifestyle.


Pursuits like lifeguarding, climbing, and team-oriented fitness sports are a contributing factor to success, but sustained conditioning routines that link athletic lifestyles to the life and career experienced in Warrior Challenge Programs are a good fit.

As important as the culture of fitness is, so too are critical thinkers - individuals that are mission-oriented, and those who are committed to serving their nation and the American people. Your search on how to get there starts here!



Be Mentored


We care about excellence. Your area Mentor will help in matching your talents with the personal standards required of the force. It is the beginning of a long path that starts with the Navy recruiting process.

People seeking difficult and elite programs are not recruited. You must be armed with information to guide your choice of a career for yourself since all Warrior Challenge professions are considered high-risk and considered rigorous due to physically hard and mentally demanding pipelines.

Synchronizing your goals with enlistment eligibility, maturity, and physical readiness becomes your best approach where success is not a guarantee and where attrition is high despite the best motivation on display.

But, rely on this… people that emerge from training demonstrate intelligence, perseverance, and the athletic ability to accomplish core tasks specific to the rates of SO, SB, EOD, ND, and AW that change your life forever.


As early as possible, focus your sights on consistency in the physical training preparation process. Mentors can guide you toward resources used by candidates to train successfully for the assessment tests used to select future warriors.

For results to be achieved and show up when it’s “game time” you must be relentless in taking ownership of training mentally and physically. Habits you deploy NOW (No Opportunity Wasted) reflect warrior ethos, a requisite and non-negotiable attribute of warriors.

You will be respected for the hard work you put into the game and for the skills you will develop, commensurate with the goals you are setting.

The Navy’s growing need to meet today’s threats and tomorrow’s challenges demands your excellence!