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From the beginning of your process to become a Navy Sea, Air, and Land (SEAL), Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman (SWCC), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician, Navy Diver and Aviation Rescue Swimmer (ARS), a high level of dedication and commitment to contributing to a sense of community is a value that is stressed throughout.

When candidates begin the selection process they may forget they are enlisting in the U.S. Navy with that same expectation level, equally applicable to all Naval careers from the beginning at Boot Camp until the time they leave the service. It is the common denominator that all sailors are freely volunteering to serve their country, where constant time management is central to the overall mission and a principle you will foster at every step.

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Get Amped Up

You will have plenty to look forward to though. Morning PT will allow you to sustain your fitness while you “drill” in the essentials of naval service in areas like shipboard life, Uniform Code of Military Justice, damage control/firefighting, rank recognition, water survival, and other topics outlined in the START guide.

Time will seem to accelerate as you near completion of 8 weeks of intensive curriculum based training and military indoctrination.  In those task-packed weeks, you will go through a transformation. The end result; this time honored tradition will gradually establish habits that will be become routine and benchmark for your entire naval service.

One of the most important habits you will put into practice at Boot Camp will be evident. You will become an exceptional teammate!  At Boot Camp you will develop a relationship of loyalty and mutual support with your fellow recruits in your Special Programs Division, just like you will at your training and beyond at your duty stations.

You will be assembled in a division with other recruits that are prospective SO, SB, ND, EOD and AIRR candidates. It is an uncommon bond and an experience that will last a lifetime as you train with like-minded recruit candidates, thus your RTC experience will be unique and put into action fundamentals key to your future success.

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Boot Camp


Organizations with a higher calling and broad mission statement must have structure if they are going to succeed. Structure is essential for success. Built into any effective business plan is a day-to-day routine that does not take a haphazard approach. Where each new day does not start from scratch.

If you are answering the call to enlist into the U.S. Navy, be ready to join the ranks of a successful professional outfit where you must constantly be accountable for your commitment to service and diligently practice your occupational skills. To execute your skills with an uncommon enthusiasm is core to tackling the challenges each new day brings. The nation expects no less! That is the legacy of service. Learning how to embody sustained effort is part of your creed that starts day one at Boot Camp.

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The Recruit Training Command (RTC) Daily Grind

As a prospective sailor there is an abundance of structure built into your life as a recruit and it starts at Recruit Training Command (RTC) or Boot Camp. Will you be up for that change in your life? There are some tools to help which are included in your Delayed Entry Program START Guide. <pdf link here>.

At RTC you will be a recruit first and a Warrior Challenge Candidate second and you will be constantly juggling two acts. The primary obligation is to undergo the transformation from Recruit to Sailor. The secondary milestone is to be screened for your Warrior Challenge occupation. You must pass your PST, complete a medical evaluation for your program, and attend early morning PT (Physical Training) sessions led by Dive Motivators at Boot Camp.

Your Mentor will explain what this entails. All this takes place on a not to interfere basis with the recruit training schedule. You will be stressed out from time to time, but remember, working long hours is the norm. You will do this training without a breakroom to complain with your coworkers or the internet to unwind. Your day is not going to follow your blueprint at Boot Camp. It’s time to get mentally callused!

2 divers working underwater on training exercise