Training Resources

Don’t Waste Time or Money

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to participate in any “BUD/S” style camps run by former TEAM guys. These for profit camps have no link to performance success and cannot predict how you will fare in any phase of training. You will never be able to replicate BUD/S nor feel what your Boat Crew can accomplish and cope with until you are “in the moment’ and dealing with the stressful evolutions while in front of active duty instructors.

Likewise, Diver, EOD, and Aviation Rescue Swimmers do not need prepared knowledge and skill sets as a prerequisite to training. The baseline fitness is the key factor in your preparation. It matters in the most conspicuous way; you must be ready to perform at each stage of your training and earn your reputation in front of those serving in high stakes jobs who will determine your future. It is unwarranted and pointless to run the risk of getting involved in a diluted experience that exists in a vacuum.  

The Road to Success

Communities such as Diver, EOD and Aviation Rescue Swimmer all have expectations of what you will bring to bear at each step of the process, but ultimately they are based upon a fitness baseline assessed through the Physical Screening Test or PST. The best resource for your training to excel and elevate your PST results comes straight from the program managers that share this info with the Mentor program to set you up for success.

Subject matter experts at the Naval Special Warfare Center where training takes place for SEAL and SWCC and the Center for EOD and Diving, for the Diver and EOD programs, all communicate what is the most appropriate path to earn a training slot.

For profit entities fundamentally do not enhance your ability to earn a contract. A clear understanding of your program’s mission, outstanding fitness, and a goal setting ethos that you demonstrate to your Mentor will be your ticket to enhance your selection in a competitive process meant to select the best applicants seeking Warrior Challenge occupations.

The Way Forward

Habits are the hallmark of what will make or hinder your ability to succeed. Simple and unambiguous, right? Well, just like you cannot effectively prepare for an ultramarathon by simply doing more running, the same is true that your approach to training needs to be prescribed to be the most effective. Training regimens should be developed out of a playbook that is proven and based upon sound advice from experienced experts.

As helpful and accurate as the training information may be on paper, it is worthless if that is where it stays. You have to put it into action! Organizing training blocks with the PST Prep Guide and being enthusiastically engaged is key. You must not stop at tracking time, but also use a balanced growth process that is smart and practical. That is the way forward and the way you should be setting training goals.