SEALS in bootcamp training with heavy logs

SEAL | Sea, Air and Land

“The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday”

Naval Special Warfare is characterized by the use of small units with the unique ability to conduct military actions that are beyond the capability of conventional military forces. SEALs are superbly trained in all environments and are the masters of maritime Special Operations. SEALs are required to utilize a combination of specialized training, equipment, and tactics in completion of Special Operation missions worldwide. 


A Day in the Life

SEALs are responsible for the training, preparation, and execution of special operations in maritime, urban, desert, jungle, arctic, and mountain environments. SEALs are experts in:

Special Operations Tactics

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Small Unit Weapons, Tactics, and Strategic Problem Solving

  • Tactical Communication/ Air Control Guidance

  • Paradrop Operations

  • Combat Diving

  • Small Boat Maritime Operations

  • Fast Roping/ Rappelling

  • Demolitions/ Explosive Breaching

  • Combat Trauma Care

  • Intelligence Gathering

SEAL Candidates

Candidates should be in excellent physical condition and motivated to withstand the rigorous physiological demands imposed by the maritime environment. The ability to swim and withstand fatigue is a major factor in successful completion of training.

Navy SEAL rappelling down from helicopter

Becoming a Seal

While the highest standards of personal conduct, reliability, and judgement are required of all members of the Naval service, it is especially important that members assigned to duty involving the performance and supervision of NSW operations are mature, motivated, self-assured, willing to follow orders and be able to work under stressful and hazardous conditions.