Special warfare combatant crewman parachuting in

Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman

β€œOn Time, On Target! Never Quit!”

Special warfare combatant team in boat ready for action

Special Operations is characterized by the use of small units with a unique ability to conduct military actions that are beyond the capability of conventional military forces.

SWCC Teams are required to utilize a combination of specialized training in navigation, radio communications, engineering, weapons, parachuting, first aid and tactics in completion of Special Operations missions worldwide.

Special Warfare Boat Operators are experts in:

  • Long Range, Over the Horizon, and Riverine Navigation

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Advanced Weapons Tactics

  • Small Unit Maritime Mission Planning

  • Tactical Communication

  • Advanced Tactical Combat Medicine

  • Intelligence Operations


A Day in the Life

Naval Special Warfare (NSW) deployments require extensive logistical preparations that allow for rapid mobilization of groups of personnel to perform in open ocean, littoral, and riverine environments. On short notice, SBs (Special Warfare Boat Operators) deploy by Sea, Air and Land to remote locations globally to support Special Operations missions and work primarily with NSW SEAL Teams.

SBs collect information about enemy installations and shipping traffic in coastal or riverine environments. They conduct direct action raids against shipping and waterborne traffic as they operate advanced weapon systems, communications, electronics and other task specific equipment associated with special operations missions.

SWCC boat on the waves at sunset
SWCC boat and crewmen speeding through water

Becoming a SWCC Crewman

Candidates should be mature, motivated, self-assured, willing to follow orders and able to work under stressful and hazardous conditions. Candidates should be in excellent physical condition and motivated to withstand the rigorous physiological demands imposed by the maritime environment.

The ability to swim and withstand fatigue is a major factor in successful completion of SWCC training. Other necessary characteristics are good study habits and learning skills, knowledge of mathematics and basic algebra, mechanical skills, and manual dexterity.